19 November 2008

Pink Princess Set

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I've been trying to find some photograph to blog about. I finally decided to see if Flickr would actually post this photograph of three cute princess cards.

These are just plain cute! Shiny embossed patterned paper with a sweet cupcake image stamped randomly. These cards will be available only through LolliShops. Which opens in about eight days!!!!

Our skating lessons are this Saturday. I already feel addicted. I've been looking at forums and videos etc to pick up tips on the basics. Moving forward, stopping, turning.

Watching Heroes right now (i think it's the third season) but I should switch off and relax the few hours before bedtime.

Tomorrow I have to get working some new wonderful cards.

whatever you want to call me

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Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Oh Jeni, they are so adorable!! I love them! Wow! 8 Days??? It's coming up so quickly! Good luck skating~~~Your pal, Sharon