5 December 2008

My Doggie

This is my doggie Sunner.
She lives in the UK with my dad.
Runs around like a maniac! although she's slowed down now she's over 10 yrs old

I have more photos somewhere. In some box - safe.


Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

AWWWWW Jeni, she's lovely!! What a darling doggie and what a pretty place!! Thanks so much for sharing her with us!! Too Cute!!

Kathy said...

So cute, I am a big doggie lover.

Tiffan Tales said...

Awww. I love that dog! I like it because that dog looks like the picture my 80 year old dad has hanging on the wall of his house...the dog he had when he was a kid. His name was pal. He had brown spots.