14 December 2008

So I was going to blog about another Lolli Vendor about once a week. Today I searched for Buttons. And I'm actually stuck between two items....

Mom and me found a cute little handmade shop on Saturday. As well as some funky plastic things. (A 'lubricated idea' keyring with a colorful condom inside. With Momma saying "What's That?")

Anyway we picked up some wooden Christmas decorations. Two strings of stars and one of trees. Just have to hang them up. And Mom found a recycled silk flower brooch that will complete a nice dressy dress she has. I'll take photos of them eventually.

And since I still can't decide I'll go with two things.

The first one is a set of buttons by Heather Knitz.

And the second one is this funky necklase by Shupg.

I may have another post later today if I get round to making some wonderful cards.

1 comment:

heather knitz said...

Thanks for including my pink and green button set on your blog:)))