8 December 2008

Skates are Here

My gorgeous new LandRollers Skates. They are huge!
I've only tried the right one on since we'll be going out soon. It is so easy to stand in them - even on one foot and they feel so secure.
My mom got some blue ones but I will let her open the box.
We got some protective gear too. Elbow, Wrists and knees.
I've only gone skating twice and had one lesson. LandRollers should be much easier to learn in! and they work on carpet and grass etc.
I am working on another post for today. Which will probably get written tonight.


Tiffan Tales said...

I have never seen anything like these skates. These look so cool, I wish I could try them on. I'd enjoy seeing a photo of someone using them ... because I can't imagine it - they have wheels on one side?

Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Yeaaaaaaah! The skates are here!! Wow! That's some pair of skates!! What are those, Jeni, I mean what brand, and where did you get them from? I've never seen skates like that before, land skates? Are the wheels only on one side??? I cannot figure them out! Hee hee. Signed, Curious Sharon :-)