16 December 2008

a few quick shots

the rain from a few hours ago. this was taken on standard settings from about 3 metres away using the zoom.
Using the super macro setting. From about 5cm away from the subject (Barry the Barista Bear).
I've changed some of the settings so there is no shadow on inside photos. Figured out how to alter the settings quickly. Just need to get a XD Picture Card so I can take panaramic shots.
I can't wait to take this beauty around, and it has a rechargable battery!!!
Still need to figure out some of the settings. Like face recognision etc.
The worst thing is that it uses different memory cards than our other digi cams.
I got a mini SD picture card with adapter but you need to XD one to use some features.
Another post, more photos and some cards (i hope) still to come!

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