28 February 2010

Just A Quickie

Yesterday was the first full day of crafting at our retreat. This morning we were woken up at 6.30am!!! And told that we are all leaving.  Quickly got dressed and grabbed some stuff.  And got a lift into Owaka (I think). Very nice firemen let us stay with them :) (The lovely cook grabbed some fruit etc).

Then we went over to the Community Center where they was coffees, teas and biscuits.  Very nice people.  Locals and tourists, and about 50 scrappy crafty ladies.  We learnt how to do the cute bows like on your undies too.

At 10am we were given the all clear and allowed back to camp.  Me, Mom and StepDad were making an altered vintage canvas type thing. Had just finished the wet painting bit when we were told once more that we are being evacuated!   Instead of waiting around Owaka, we just got a lift back to Dunedin airport where we waited for a few hours until our flight.

It felt SOOO good to be back on Wellington soil. Even if it was the airport runway tarmac.

Photographs and everything to come shorty.  Really need a good nights sleep.

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