10 February 2010

Scrapbook Layout Class

These are the photographs I will be using in class today. The kit is a neutral/green and these photographs are a blue/green so they should work.

The current Agatha Christie book that I am reading. I was thinking that she needs to come back to life. I am running out of books to read!

I am getting the 11:06 bus to town so I can have a short rest over a coffee with my mom before jumping on another bus to Petone. I should be back in town by 3:30pm but I have some things to do so probably won't be on the bus home until 4/4:30pm.

Which means practically a WHOLE day without a computer! I have an hour until I need to leave so I should start getting my crafty stuff together. Should I take photographs???? And believe it or not but it is raining!!! So wearing sneakers not jandels today.

Tomorrow will be busy too. Grocery shopping and gym!! Which will take up a lot of the day. Bus travel and walking etc.

I may have rambled on a little bit. My next post will have the layout I created at class.

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