27 February 2010

Craft Retreat

A WHOLE day of crafting down in Dunedin today.  I made these ATC's last week to trade with other crafters.  I tried to use up a lot of my old stash and try out new techniques.  I used stamps and pens on the simple ones and lots of staples and left over letters and brads and things on others.

On this Alice ATC (which stands for Artists Trading Cards) I used old papers and the speech bubble is about 9 months old.  I added glitter just before taking photographs of them so I am leaving it to dry. 

The random letters one is a great way to use the left over letters from alphabet sets.  You always end up with letters that would NEVER get used right?  I've had these letters for about 2 years.  They are vinyl stickers and since they were losing their stickiness I covered pretty much all of it with Diamond Glaze.  I love the shiny-ness.  The edges have been inked and there is some pearly bling.


This is my current favorite! She is a digital stamp from Sassy Studio Designs.  I colored her on the computer and printed her out.  I was going to use her on this card, but I am still getting used to my printer and only half of her came out.  I added some of the Super Fine glitter onto her big lovely lips (Angelina Jolie anyone?) and some simple green bling gemstones.  And I thought the flower looked good on this.

If I have any left over I am going to be including as freebies for any orders until they run out.  I really should make these more often.  They're fun and you can experiment with new things.

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