1 March 2010

Pounawea Craft Retreat

Friday we went for a walk around the area.  Mom walked out onto this boat walkway thing.  But I safely stayed on land!

Saturday morning at breakfast time.  We all got our name tags with flowers. So cute, and matched my clothing too!

That night before going to bed we tried to get some photos of the beach area.

Sunday morning at about 6.30am when we were woken up to be evacuated!
Me looking somewhat awake.

This is the first time I've been to a fire station. About 50 people drinking their coffee and having their cookies.  One fireman even went to the shop to get tea bags.

I will take photographs of what we created soon.  My PaintShopPro photo editing software has decided to stop working, so I am trying to get used to PhotoShop.

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