18 February 2010

Blog Ring

I'm back in the blog ring. This week's topic is: Selling OFFLINE.

Have you done it? Do you like it? Are you looking to try it this year? Anything at all you wouldl ike to share!

To family and friends yes, but to strangers no. I have thought about getting a stall at Craft Show's but its mainly the not knowing how well it would be and the cost. So many questions... Will I break even on fees? Would I make a profit? How many cards should I take? And probably many many more if I thought of them right now.

I'd like to have a stall at a craft show and have looked into costs etc. There are a few possibilities like the Dunkleys Craft Show and the more likely Frank Kitts Saturday Market. But I still need to think about all the questions.

Continue the ring here at Michelle's blog.

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