25 February 2010

I'm Leaving On a Jet Plane

Okay, its a standard plane. Not a jet. But I am leaving for the weekend. Our eagerly awaited craft retreat is finally happening. We leave today (Friday) at 10am on a flight to Dunedin via ChristChurch and will be back in WellyWood on Sunday night.

But before the excitment gets too huge that I can't do anything I have to show off the clock I finished today.

It's a Beyond The Page Clock by KaiserCraft, and arrived via courier yesterday. I started working on this pretty much straight away.

I painted the edges dark blue and covered the front with KaiserCraft Loire Valley Paper. The clock has these teardrop shaped holes so I used the back of the Dahlia Paper, which I also used to cover the numbers (which came with the clock). 

My first idea was to put the buttons in the tear drop spaces, but I thought this would look good.  Simple basic buttons in red and blue.  (Re-starting my button addiction).

My Mom got some Super Fine Opal Glitter about 6 months ago and neither of us had used it.  I thought that glitter on the birds would look gorgeous.  We don't have a battery for it yet but I've tried it out and the hands don't hit the buttons.  Hopefully we can get some today then we can hang it up.

BTP Clock
1 sheet of Card Stock
1 1/2 sheets of Paper

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Michelle said...

This clock is fabulous!!! Great job!