18 February 2010

My tiki pendant.

This is the cute little tiki that I made yesterday out of white, yellow and red polymer clay. I love the mottled effect!
I added my own twist with the bug eyes and very long tongue with a little curl at the end. I even added a little piece for the cord/ribbon to go through.
(If you follow me on Twitter, this is the brown ribbon I was looking for. Found it a couple hours later once Tiki had cooled down).
The Tiki is a very ancient symbol and is by far the least understood so there are a number of legends in relation to is meaning to the Maori people.

Some say the Tiki came from the stars and that he was the first man of the world. He is also often depicted with webbed feet which suggests a strong link to the creatures of the sea.

Tiki was respected as the teacher of all things and the wearer of this symbol is therefore seen to possess clarity of thought, loyalty, great inner knowledge and strength of character.

The tilted head symbolises thinking, the hand is strength, the mouth is communication, the heart is love and the loins are fertility.

The Tiki is regarded as a good luck charm when worn and also regarded as a fertility symbol.


DivaDea said...

Glad you're having fun with the polymer clay :) Are you considering incorporating it in your scrapbooking or cards?

jeni@pnkgeeni said...

Everytime I past the shelves of this at a craft store I wanted to get some to play. Then I thought how fun it would be to make some pendants. I have made some buttons but I don't like any of them very much.