28 February 2010

I haven't shown you this yet. (I don't think I have).
I love having two windows in this room but the bright sun reflects off the silver keyboard and I can't see the screen of my computer.  And I can't really keep moving the laptop all the time so we got this great wonderful fabric.

I put a couple dull silver eyelets in the top and used string to hook it up to the screw of the blind.  (The rope for the blind is really difficult to open and close).  I'm not really tall enough to get the left side higher. 

It is lovely!  I can open it when I want to and close it when the sun is too bright.

Tonight is our flight back to Wellington.  We will get back home sometime this evening, and hopefully I'll have a lot of photographs to scrapbook and a lot of sales to get packaged up...

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