30 March 2010

Time.... Slips Away

I always plan on doing a blog post. I hate when blogs I go to daily don't have anything new. Time does seem just to disappear. Suddenly it's 5pm and time to quit whatever I've been doing during the day. Which on a good day is crafting and on a bad day like today when I was woken up at 5am with a spam text, then overslept till 10am and just wasted time online.

I've been searching for a pair of killer headphones. These are my current favorite in looks. 

And these pink ones!!!! were my favorites last week.
I'm constantly changing my mind.  Even when I go to the shop to buy some I'll be changing my mind.  Right up to that last second when the cash register rings out. (Do cash registers ring anymore?)

Tomorrow I PROMISE to get some actual work done and craft something. Or at least take some photographs of the paper craft that I've done lately.

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