15 March 2010


Some days just majorly suck. It's been a very bad day.  I needed something to put up on here today so I just randomly searched Etsy for relax and picked these three items which grabbed me.  (Not literally, nothing came through the screen and attacked me).

First up is this Butterfly Art Print by LoganTroy's shop.  I see a lot of butterflies living on here in the suburbs of Wellington.  And they are just so peaceful and beautiful floating and fluttering.

Next are these Sugar Cube Scrubs.  These ones are Lavender and Rosemary and ususally I don't like Lavender.  My Mom is addicted to it and I just don't like the smell.  This photograph just looks gorgeous.  I might have to take a deeper look through FlourishBathBody's store to find a smell I prefer.

My last pick are these engraved pebbles by sjengraving's shop.  I definately need something like this right now. Something inspirational and calming.  I may actually get these - eventually.  Have to figure out what we are doing in the future.

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