9 March 2010

Thanks And Thinking Cards

Why do I feel like I haven't done anything in so long? I've been neglecting this blog and my shop. Well, I am here to make reparations.  I've been on a great card making mojo today.  I got out some stamps and started playing with Hoot The Owl and the new foam tape I got in the post today.

(Love this photograph.  The colors look so amazing.)


I've had this Owl Stamp (named Hoot) for about a year and I think this card is the fourth time I've used it.  Well, I am changing that! Hoot will be getting a work out from now on.  This is a really cool stand up card.  The first I've made of this kind.  Like I've written in the description, I can imagine this card being given to a wonderful and proud Grandpa. 

And these leaf stamps are brand new.  About two months old and today was the first time I've used them.  Trying to keep the design simple to let the handwritten message shine through.

I have one more new funky item to list on Etsy, then I am going to rest before everyone gets home from work and this place suddenly gets 250% louder!

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