11 March 2010

Thursday's Blog Ring

This weeks EART TEAM Blog Ring question is very appropriate for me right now.

"What do you do when your creativity gets 'blocked'?"

I hate when this happens. 
I flick through craft magazines.
If it's sunny I will go 'sunbathe' for a while.
I pull out some new supplies that I haven't play with yet.
I attempt to tidy.... this never works
Read a thousands blogs
Play FarmVille (I am one of those people addicted to this game on FaceBook).

Actually this happened to me a couple days ago.  I got out my stamps and a pack of paper that I've had for ages and just started making some cards.  They even turned out good enough for my shop. And yesterday I wanted to continue with this creativity but I ended up organizing and cleaning all my stamps. So it should be easy for me to find the stamps that I want to use.  Now, to work....

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1 comment:

Michelle said...

I can't wait to get some sun out here! haha!