26 November 2009

I don't really know what to write here. It is very hot right now (even though it's 4.22pm) and for some reason I can't find the energy or motivation to do anything creative. There are only four days left to post Christmas presents to the UK and I can't even get on with that.

I have a paper digi doll to scan in too. I listed this little Anna doll earlier. Not sure how well these will do, but very fun to draw. The one that is waiting to be scanned in is based on Marilyn (Monroe for those that don't know about my semi-obsession).

Really hoping to get everything packaged up and posted tomorrow! I have some secret santa things to do too. Those need to be finished etc (Any ideas what else I could include? Has to be made by me.)

Over a year ago I got a Bamboo Fun (pen tablet) so should scan in this movie super star and start getting her ready for sale.

Happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate (and have a day off work) it.

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