21 December 2009

Yikes, This looks bad

Sometime last week I realized just how messy my work area is. But I also wanted to buy some new things to play with. The problem was where would I put this new stuff?

This is messy! And when I actually agree with my parents that it's messy then it is REALLY messy!!

I figured that if I tidied up then I could buy some new things as a reward.

Another before shot. I spent most of the afternoon going through all the papers and putting them away in the drawers. Picking up rubbish from the carpet and trying to organize everything.

This looks so much better!!! You can actually see the carpet! It's even a little more tidier right now.

So, do you think I should a little reward??

1 comment:

Barbara said...

Ok Jeni im glad you can see the carpet now and looking around i thought the LO of the dragon stealing your smokes was cute..just keep being creative.