17 December 2009

Ring Of Blog

This weeks blog ring from the EART TEAM http://theeclecticartisansteam.blogspot.com is to share your favorite Etsy shops.

How much time do I have?

My first favorite has to be Michelle's shop. I have a phone charm, bracelets and necklaces from here and love them all. I actually try to stay away from this shop so I don't spend all my money! LOL


I won a wristlet in a giveaway from SweetIrie's shop. It is so useful! Eventually I'm going to need a small wristlet bag and a thing for my camera - will be going here.

I've peeked into this shop too and have fallen in love with the jewellery.

I have a bad bad habit of adding things to my favorites and leaving them there even after they have sold - because they look nice!

Unless you want me to ramble on for a few more hours I am going to stop now....

Continue this blog ring at Mama's Little Treasures Blog. ( http://www.mamaslittletreasures.typepad.com )

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