19 November 2009

EART Blog Ring

This weeks blog ring question is "How did you get started doing your art/craft?"

I've added some photographs so it isn't just lots of words.

In 2006 I spent 10 months planning our Summer Holiday to WDW and found out about scrapbooking from one of the forums I visited daily.

Walking around ASMu

I am wearing that sweater right now!

Eating lunch at Crystal Palace


Then we went on our "Once In A Lifetime Holiday" to Egypt, in 2007. I knew that I wanted to scrapbook this holiday.

At this time we were still living in Guernsey (small island between England and France). So I ordered the supplies (album, paper etc) from America.

I had to wait for all this, so I started digital scrapbooking.

I wish I had brought that tiny sweater with me!
It would be perfect in Summer. I also left my SLR camera in the container.

About this time, we decided to move to New Zealand, so I decided to do a general scrapbook of our home/life.

Birthday pages. Now (me at 23)

And then (me a few days old).

Since we were moving 22,000 miles all our stuff had to get packed up into a 40' container (where it still is) but by this time I was addicted to paper crafting! I started making cards.

The first dozen were really bad. Thankfully they are so much better now! I am limited with space, but manage to keep a (semi) tidy craft area.

Origami santa

I am learning a lot of new paper folding techniques and trying to challenge myself to make better cards.

Origami swan

Phew! Continue the blog ring at HairbowsWonderWorld

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