2 December 2009

Wednesdays Wonderings

This is a tester of my digital stamp. I drew the doggie with my Bamboo tablet, printed out onto cardstock and colored with my Copic Marker.
I listed this little puppy (Named Pup Pup) and he said quite quickly. I love his little leg sticking out. Colored in with Copics too. I love how the yellow 'faded' on the floor. Not sure if I'll be able to get that effect again.
I dyed my hair this morning. It is a darker shade than I would normally pick, but the brightest reddest I could find! I will take another photograph tomorrow and try to get the shade better.

(It's my birthday tomorrow too, I have three cards from overseas and haven't really opened them).

Will I get any work done tomorrow?

I plan on having a lot of vodka Red Bull in the evening, but I want to get my doggie digi's listed.

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