3 November 2008

Four Thank You Cards

th2, originally uploaded by pnkgeenipapercrafts.

That come in a little "matchbox" type box.

I am trying to find some inpsiration to get up from behind this screen and make some really pretty cards. I have painted the egdes of four Christmassy themed chipboard shapes. But I hate the paintbrushes I have. They were cheap, and are cheap. Have to pick up some foam brushes soon.

I should clean my work space first. Theres lots of little bits of paper and plastic wrappers that I don't need. By going down to the bins I usually am motivated by the time I get back to the apartment.

And I should thank everyone for visiting this blog. I love seeing the number of visitors when I check Google Anaylics (sp?).



That's it for now. I have to clean!!!

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