11 November 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

We bought two of these chipboard bare naked swivel Christmas Trees.
I started the painting of these trees a couple days ago, and got most of the paper cut and decorated yesterday.

I have just finished the front cover - when the tree is closed. I added a tag out of DoodleBug paper, sugar coated brads and a simple rub on.

And please ignore my messy desk.

Hopefully on Saturday we will go skating. I booked some lessons (mainly to learn to stop!) but haven't had any confirmation.

I wanted to get lots of really bright pinks and oranges and blues from the scrapping store, but they didn't really have much choice. I like how the whole trees come out. It's not finished yet, but at least most of it is finished and there is still a lot of choose of papers etc for my mom to use.

It's about 44 days to Christmas, and theres a few birthdays before, and one a few weeks after.

Do I have anything else to say???

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I guess not.
Remember to come and visit LolliShops when it offically opens in a couple weeks.

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Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Wow! Did I understand correctly?? You Painted the tree? Is that right? I'm amazed!!!!!!! Well Done!!
Your pal, Sharon