5 July 2010

A short walk to the airport on a Saturday just to get some headphones.  I LOVE these! I took my iPod in case they let me try them and yep, they did. My Mom tried them too.  They are just amazing! You can't hear people talking that much - just a quiet mumble of voices. And with the noise canceling they are even better - I haven't really used the noise canceling much yet.

I listened to some music on Saturday night, and heard bass that I've never heard before!

The case is strong and my iPod fits in an empty space.  The little pocket can hold all the plug adapters and leads. (It came with an adapter for the in flight double plug).  They're comfortable too. And even work as ear warmers. 

Mom and me are going to Noel Leeming later to get a pair (similar but by Sony) for her. Using our FlyBuy points so they're not even costing any cash!

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Michelle said...

awesome!! Congrats on finally getting them!!!! <3 :)