20 July 2010

Fifth Coffee, Secret PRoject & A Possible Free Gift

I really wanted to get this Secret Project #1 finished today, but I left it too late to get photographs.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll remember to take them while the light is still good.  I don't even know how this project will be received - I just hope that some people like it. 

I was planning on dying my hair today but somehow it's suddenly 4.50pm and the day is half gone.  I have no new photographs to scrapbook so I suddenly have a lot of time to do nothing. I really miss having lots of wonderful crafty work to do.  How am I going to survive our vacations?  I am addicted to paper crafts!

Also, I am nearly finished on my fifth coffee of the day.  Usually I have four coffees.  Not sure how the extra caffeine and sugar will effect me - I'll probably be all jittery soon.

Tomorrow I will try to finish Secret Project #1, and its gym day too.

Any guesses what Secret Project #1 is?
If you get it right I will send you 'it/one' for free....

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