1 July 2010

Sharing The Word Love

My little shop has just been featured on Michelle's blog.  I feel the same way Michelle does. I hate when simple words get misspelt. (I am not perfect on this either - when I'm tired or super busy words get written down wrong - but never in letters).  And words that get shortened... I know a few of them but I always have to think about what the word is...

I have listed a couple of these HUGE sets or bundles of cards in my shop because we are moving! Can you believe that I don't really know when?? I haven't really bothered noticing the details. Anyway Michelle started this thread in the Etsy Forums about getting some PenPals. I'd love to join in but I don't think I have any time to do it properly.  My mind is busy with getting everything packed up and tidying (which I don't really like btw... sorry).

I would like to offer a 30% discount to the people doing this PenPal.
Just write "PENPAL30" in message to seller 
and I will send you a revised invoice (which will be through email
otherwise it could just take a loooonng time) within 24 hours. 
 Offer valid on everything in my shop no matter how big or small the order is until ..... 
15th July 2010.

You can brighten someone's day by sending them a hand written card and you can help me out by purchasing some cards, so I have less to pack up and take across the world.

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