3 April 2010

Just Love

I have a few cards that I just absolutely love and wanted to show to you.

The colors on this one are just pure gorgeous!  I don't know what to say about it.  There are just great layers and wonderful colors. Borders and ribbons.  A stamped sentiment and dimension.

This one has been in my shop for a while, but I am still in love with it! Those paper butterflies are actually meant to be flowers.  Don't they make great butterflies?

The way is opens and stands up is so cool! Simple and elegant with silky white ribbon and soft blues and burnt orange.  A few simple swirls stamped in the corner add enough decoration.  The sentiment, also hand stamped, says "thank you!"

And for $4.60 USD I must be a little crazy.  A lot of work and thought went into this card.  It's not just a machine made mass produced card from a supermarket aisle.  It's HANDMADE.

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