1 April 2010

Egypt Mini Album

As promised, here are the other photographs of my mini Egypt album.  It is just so cool!  And a great way to show of vacation photographs.  My Mom already wants to make more! (Her's uses our Craft Retreat photographs).

I really wanted to use these photographs for this album. But since I don't have the original files I had to download them from my PhotoBucket account.  They wouldn't print out standard 6x4 size.  So I printed them as 3x2's.

 This is what it looks like completely open.  Sorry, it doesn't fit in my lightbox so please ignore the carpet and little scraps of paper there.  I am so glad I spotted that HOT PINK card! I really wanted this to be bright and colorful! Mainly to match my clothing.  Bright orange trousers.  Acid yellow vest.  Hot Pink on my hat.

I started with the first day in Egypt.  Walking along the Great Pyramid.

This is how the card folds up on itself.  Each sheet is 9x9" and it folds up into a 4.5" square.  The only other album we have about Egypt is a HUGE 12x12" album of about 100 pages! And I miss these bright clothes and my green converse! So I wanted to keep the focus on me!

On the other side are these photographs.  I just used the middle section.  These photographs are from the cruise boat we went on and our last days in Luxor.  I had to get my photograph of BATS in this album.  I am so glad that I got to see BATS! Although the camera flash did scare a couple of them.

This bit just holds it closed.  Not sure what it's proper name is.  The title letters are from Tim Holtz Grunge Board (I love grungeboard!)  I covered each letter (which is a different font) with the left over orange card.  Filed and distressed the edges and my Mom inked the edges in orange.

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