6 April 2010

Easter Vacation

Yesterday we left Napier and drove about 320kms to Wellington.  I am still tired even though all I did was read (Stephen King's Cell) and nap.  I'm just gonna pick a few photographs.  Of course these will be scrapped later, I will try to take photographs of them and show you.

In Napier with my lovely Venti Shaken Zen Tea With Organic Lemonade from StarBucks.

I took this photograph at 6:57am!!! On Saturday morning!!!! Maybe I should start taking sleeping pills on vacation so I actually sleep through the night.

This would have been on Sunday about half way to Taupo.  We went for a loooooong drive and stopped here (not for a beer) for a coffee.

What did all of you do over Easter?
Something fun with your family?

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