27 October 2009

an interruption

Okay, so I haven't taken any photographs lately that I could put here.

Yesterday I had my very last portion of gluten in a soy latte from Starbucks. (The Starbucks over here use VitaSoy High Fibre which contains barley which is a form of gluten). That is it. No more gluten!


I am finally fed up with all the aches and pains. A cookie isn't worth it. And if I can enjoy life more just by not eating a certain food group then great.

It's simple really. I was trying to hope that I could force my body to accept a small amount of gluten, but that is not working. My drink will now be a Long Black (black coffee) and it has less calories than a latte!!!

The world travellers are on their way back to Wellington right now, and will arrive by the OverLander tonight. I need to finish the last pieces of some presents and get them all hidden.

Going to have a little rest and then maybe some scrapbooking.

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Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Hi Jeni!! Missed you, Missed you, Missed you!! Love your Christmas cards!! Hugs to you, Sharon