22 October 2009

Christmas Presents

What can you do with a ticket shaped wood album, a couple binder rings, 3 sheets of cardstock and three sheets of double sided patterned paper?

My bro and his GF have spent the last 3 months traveling around Asia and Oz. They have been posting photographs on their blog, which I 'stole' to make this for them.

I chose to use this paper for the front page. Making sure that I didn't cut off New Zealand. I traced around the wood shape and cut it out. Then used double sided tape to stick it to the wood page and a piece of sanding paper to soften the edges.

The photographs are 3x2" (four on one sheet of 6x4 photo paper). Since they are from a blog, and not very large (size wise) And this way I could get a lot of photographs in the album without it taking all that long.

I love how the photographs from previous pages can still be seen. That is my bro in Asia. Tramping in one place, then on the beach in the next place.

On the (in above pic) blue piece of card on the right side. I covered with a 3x0.5" strip of patterned paper on both sides before using the Crop-o-dile to make the holes. This is to add some strength to the cardstock.

And this is it about 85% finished. All I had left over was some small pieces of cardstock and some patterned paper.

I have added some embellishments to this, from the freebies in the back of the KaiserCraft Q2 Magazine. And covered some blank spaces with the patterned paper. The cardstock will be used for the title. I'm thinking "Around the world Part One".

I'm not sure what else this album needs?
Doodling around the edges in black and white pen?

Any ideas or suggestions?

KaiserCraft Long Ticket Album
KaiserCraft Pack Your Bags Patterned Paper
KaiserCraft Freebies from Q2 Magazine
KaiserCraft Ring Binders
Bazzill Basics Cardstock
Spellbinders Circle Die Cutter
Stamp and Ink (on back page)

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