28 October 2009


I can't remember when I had my last giveaway so here is one.

A set of 4 Handmade Christmas Gift Tags.
3.5" Circle tags with ribbon pretending to be trees, with even a ribbon hang tag.

Anyone can enter from anywhere in the world.
Please make sure that you leave your email address or it is in your profile.

The question to enter this giveaway is:
What is your favorite item in my shop ?

For one entry: comment to this post
For a second entry: blog/tweet about this giveaway (comment with link)
For a third entry: purchase anything from pnkgeeni (one extra entry for each item purchased)

The giveaway ends on 10th November.


helen said...

Great giveaway I love the silly santas in green christmas cards they are lovely.thanks for the giveaway.Helen


Ave said...

I like Muchas Gracias Cards.

Vaiva said...

Lovely cards! Very nicely done :)

almost.angel at gmail dot com

Nicole-Lynn said...

What a fun giveaway! I need some tags :) My favorite item in your shop is your Pink Pink Pink Greeting Card! Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday so that card really stood out for me :)


Crystal Carrington said...

My favorite item in your shop is the simplicity card, simple yet so creative.


TopHat said...

My favorite items are the paisley embossed cards. I just love paisley!

hrfarley at gmail dot com

Sarah said...

I love the Polka Dotted Thank You Cards, set of 7. They are adorable and I adore polka dots! Red and white combos especially... very classic and vintage in my opinion.

Thank you for this awesome giveaway!



Tickleworm said...

Love the tags! In your shop, I really love the Merry Christmas Exploding Gift box! What a great idea!!!!

debbiekl said...

Very cute. These would look great under the tree. I also like the Thank You Card Set. Nice and simple!

Mary said...

Cute!! I would love to decorate my presents with these


abby said...

i love your Simplicity Card. Ain't nothing simple about that one!

Wehaf said...

I love your Vintage Flower Handmade Card Set of Four!

urchiken at gmail dot com

Selene said...

the Simplicity Card would be my pick.


Aleda said...

What a delightful giveaway! I think my favorite is the origami tea bag greeting cards - very nifty-looking!

Ave said...


Aljna said...

My favorite item is "Snowflake Christmas Gift Tag Set (5)"...
My contact is:

Candy said...

Love the mini snowflake cards! Too cute!

VG Marcel said...

My comment just plain disappeared...
I was saying that I like the "Just a Note" cards.
V G Marcel
cudjojo at gmail.com

bison61 said...

I like the Four Little Birdie Notecards (4)

tiramisu392 (at) yahoo.com

JenniferB said...

I like the Merry Christmas greeting card