18 September 2008

Just a cold morning

Well afternoon. I am getting my hair cut in a few hours. This will be the first my little strands of hair will be getting cut in about seven or eight years.
I have figured out what to order for my scrapbook supplies. It will cost about $500 NZD, which is only 200GBP.
But its all stuff I need for Christmas Presents and our scrapbook album. I have to make the pages from April this year until the album is completely stuffed full.
The first album I started for a yearly thing was last November, and I had planned on just using one album a year but that one was completley stuffed fun - beyond closing - in march.
It;s little Oggie birthday tomorrow. He's going to be a whole ONE YEAR old. And we still haven't got a present for him. I'm trying to find something bouncy - but I can't.
Mom was looking for a little banana yesterday but we couldn't find anything. I made the cute lilun a birthday card yesterday. A bright orange card with circles and a 1st on it.
I think I'm going to make some lunch and read for a bit.


I love that it is about 13 degrees c right now and I'm sitting here with frozen toes. When in the UK, the same temp would be nice and warm. And I love the little bit of Kiwi that slips into our speaking (bloody and yeeeea).

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