22 September 2008

Hits Hits Hits

But not any sales. I love watching my cards getting more and more views, and I love when people heart my store but I still have no sales. I really want to sell at least one card before Christmas.

Specially the Christmas Cards! My new supplies should be here by Friday and I have been thinking about lots of card designs.

There is a craft expo in a few weeks that we have tickets too, I have to get some business cards printed.

I have the first part of my medical for Immigration tomorrow. Seeing the nurse and having a blood test. I've already had my xray done which we can pick up tomorrow. So by next week all the medical for immigration purposes will be finished. And that's it. Apart from police checks and filling out application forms.

Emigrating is a long and difficult and confusing process. Eventually the immigration stuff starts making sence and it will definately be worth it!

Remember you get a 10% discount on ALL Christmas Items in my store.

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