4 December 2011

December Daily (Days 1,2,3 & 4)

I've never even heard of December Daily before but this year I've decided to join and create my own.  I used some free Christmas papers I had from last year and folded them in half - making them about 6"x2".

 The front of my journal.  Using old letter stickers and a velvet flocked tartan Christmas tree that I've had in my stash for a few years.
The first of December is just a self portrait.  I like the soft yellow lighting.  And I have already lost a "t"
Day Two is my lovely work boots.  My journaling is really simple.  One or two sentences about the day and the weather.
Day Three is my birthday so I have a double page for this day.  Photographs of the cards I received.  Journaling is on a sticky label.
It was just me and Mom most of the day so we got out the decorations and tried sorting through them.  Throwing out the lights which don't light and the really old things.  The little polaroid snap is Birthday present.  A few people had these Instant Polaroid cameras in Italy and they looked like so much fun - Thank You Mom.  So I used this camera to take a self portrait in the mirror.
Day Four.  Mom took a photo of me in my DB and DSIL's house.  We stopped by for a while and came away with a vegetarian cookbook, a couple plants and a bag of apples!  Me and Mom both took our cameras to take some shots but it started raining and was getting cold so we decided to come back to hide home.
Just a general shot of Mom crafting....


Melonie said...

Cute December Daily:)

Raylene said...

Love the BOOTS!! I am partial to the everyday and simple! Well done!

Kimberly said...

Fun book! Love the size!

iowajewel said...

great pages! hope you have fun making your first December daily, i love how you are just using what you want, i do the same thing and i have a instax camera too and love it!