17 December 2011

December Daily 12 - 16

My December Daily is starting to feel a little bland so  I have been adding a few stickers and some more inserts. I don't want to buy anything new for this so am trying to use up old stash - but I never seem to have what I need!  I've added some inserts for earlier this month.
 Day 12. Something Red. A gorgeous Pooh bear from WDW 2006.
 I wanted something Glittery for Day 13 and remembered this blog post from CaptureYour365. I used the light from our Snowlady and held up my bottle of glittery nail polish and got some really good shots.
 Day 14 is a photograph from the day before - but I wanted a couple spare photographs for days like this that are just a little bit busy.... wonderful warm bright socks and Christmas Robins.
 This hand cream rocks! Badger Balm is lovely. It stops the wind and cold weather from freezing my fingers. It seems to soothe and 'heal' the paper cuts I get and it smells absolutely wonderful! I keep it with me pretty much all day!
 Time for me to be leaving for work and  it started hailing!!! This was a really quick photograph looking at the garden since I had to leave to get to work on time....
Day 17 isn't really finished yet.  I've added two label stickers and written my journaling.12 random things from today.... and I added a receipt from Costa too.  Mom and P are going for a work Christmas party so I am alone tonight - was thinking that todays photograph could them both all dressed up....

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