7 June 2010

It's raining right now, on the Queen's birthday.
We stayed home all day.  I dyed my Mom's hair a Very nice shade of .... Will post some pictures tomorrow. I think it looks lovely!
I finished the book I was reading (PJ Tracy's Snow Blind).

Tomorrow will be to work as normal.  I NEED to make some great cards and I need to craft!  The new copic markers and Neenah card I ordered from America has been posted so I will be obsessively checking the tracking number!!!!  I might go into town tomorrow to change some jeans.  I got some lovely new slouchy ones on Friday but they're too big.

On Wednesday Mom and P are going to ChristChurch for the annual conference (last years was in Hamilton) and I get to join them on Friday for a day.  We are going to Antarctica on Friday afternoon, a fancy dress party on Friday night and coming home on Saturday.

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