24 June 2010

Antarctica Layout

I usually don't spend this much time working on a scrapbook layout.  This one has taken about 2 weeks from first thinking of the sketch to getting the journalling done.

I was having a nighmare over the large 5x7 photograph.  I don't have any of the three of us, then I thought that the main photograph doesn't have to contain a person. These plastic penguins were near the start of the center.  And smaller photographs just to show case the day. 

Did you know that you can't print in white ink? I didn't either.  I printed out the little in light blue onto this blue card and it looked really good yesterday - but it seemed to fade... I traced around the outside of the letters in white pen so you can actually read it.  Every single piece of card has been inked in either white ink or baby blue chalk.

I cut out lots of snowflakes with the Cuttlebug and a die.  Originally I was going to have acetate snowflakes too.  (Ghost shapes) but the die cut didn't cut all the way through the acetate and it was taking ages to cut along the lines.  Plus the shape is quite intricate- I will keep this idea for another layout. 

I rubbed the baby blue chalk/ink over a snowflake shape to give this stencil - I even used this snowflake on the page! Look at the middle at the top.  And I used the negative die cut to add a chalk/ink snowflake on the corner of the journalling block.

There is just one thing I am still not sure about right now. There is quite a lot of red in the photographs - should I add some (three) mini red brads to the center of the snowflakes, or add a grouping of little red brads? ( I have an idea where they could go - but I'm not sure if it would help the design).

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