9 June 2010

How To Make A Devil Badge

I was going to make a "trainee" devil badge for myself, but once I'd told my Mom and showed her the Sassy Studio digi she wanted one.  First up, print out your image. 

The devil cameo I used is already in a circle, so I just used the circle diecut closest to that size.  Then I cut out a larger circle from red card and since I had no black card, a larger scalloped circle.

The theme for the fancy dress party where this badge will be used is black and red. 

I inked the edges of everything! and rubbed some red metallic rub on stuff over the black.

I then stuck a saftely pin onto the back of the large scallop.  (I added my business stamp in case they get lost - you never know who will pick it up and go have a look at my shop).

Once all the layers are stuck together, this is what the badge will look like.  The size of the digi is about 3 inches.  I think the whole size is 4.5 inches.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

That's super cool Jeni! :D And of course, you should put your label on it!!! It's a source of advertisement if someone else picks it up!!! :D Great job!