31 May 2010

Mid Winter Christmas

It's almost June!
It's almost half way through the year.
And it's almost Mid Winter Christmas!

I really truly love having a nice warm sunny Christmas.  I love being able to wear shorts and be barefoot all day and going out to sunbathe along the waterfront - but it doesn't feel like Christmas. 

So having a Mid Winter Christmas in June is wonderful.  It gets dark, cold and rainy! And it feels like Christmas too! (Although if you talk to people born in NZ, they can't imagine having a cold Christmas).  Plus, there are all the Mid Winter Christmas sales in the shops, and my shop won't be any different.

Very soon I will be listing Christmas cards at special prices.  A great chance to stock up on cards and get a bargain too!

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Once I have listed some Christmas items I will be sending out another mini newsletter will a special offer code just for the subscribers. Make sure you have signed up so you don't miss out!


TheFrogBag said...

Mid winter Christmas, what a concept! Of course, living in California, I never get anything close to a chilly Christmas myself!

Galit said...

We just moved here (South Australia) last year and I find it so weird to have Xmas in summer...
I like your idea of having a mid winter xmas!!
It is actually so cold here right now that I absolutely feel ready!!

BlenderBach said...

Great idea!

although, growing up in south Florida, it's not Christmas unless I'm on the beach :)