4 May 2010

A busy day looks like this!  And this is only half the table. But at least I got something creative done today, I can clean up later.....

Another layout with photographs from Easter.  Slowly getting through them.  I used five small photographs as the title.  I like the small border around all the photos and three bright boy themed buttons look wonderful on the bright red cardstock.

This next one is something new I tried.  Didn't work out exactly as I'd thought but its still cool.

I ripped and inked the edges of the photograph and did the same with the card matt.  Behind the photo - instead of having a full page of that pink leafy lace paper I cut a corner out.  Used a few glue dots to hold it in place and rubbed in over it to give a nice relief stencil effect.  I would have liked to have a more ragged ripped edge instead of a straight line.

Finished with some butterfly punches (from pink alligator textured paper) and a little bit of bling.

The best thing I learnt today:
If you have a sheet of lace paper but the color isn't the right shade you want.  You can rub ink over it (I used cotton wool balls) and change the shade of it.  Now, I have a piece of lace paper that is a nice darker pink.

Four days until my next craft show.  (Getting a bigger table).  I know I should be working on some things for it.  Still not sure..... signs are important but where's the best place to put them?

I am now going to rest and continue reading James Patterson's Pop Goes The Weasel.


Michelle said...

Great stuff!

Keryn Campbell said...

Yummy stuff Jeni. I love how you've used the little photos in your title.