1 May 2010

Exactly two years ago today we arrived in New Zealand.

I remember being stuck on a plane for four hours!  Or flight was delayed in Heathrow.  (Uncle John passed away about two days before).  But we eventually got on a working plane and took off. 

I'm still glad I didn't take a sleeping pill until after take off!

I watched a total of 10 movies from LAX to Auckland Airport.

From Wellington airport we got a taxi to Petone.  (And learnt how to pronounce that too.)  Then it was a walk to Briscoes to get some bedding and Pak N Save for food!!

Then what.... none of this is really scrapped so it's just from memory.... I know I fell asleep and when Mom woke me up it was time to go to bed.  I had a lot of chocolate chip cookies from Pak N Save for dinner around this time.

Just remembered that I did scrap a page about this.  But since it has heart felt journalling - I hid it behind another layout.

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