14 May 2010

Happy Birthday

We are celebrating a couple very special Birthdays today.

Today is my little Dragon Brothers Third Birthday.  We had a quick impromptu photo shoot earlier to get some good shots of lil KJ (short for Krakofski Janet) for his scrapbook birthday page.
KJ (or Unkie KJ) is originally from Krakow Poland and was picked out of a 'shop' by my Mom and Stepdad.  Making him my adorable baby Brother.  When he was 4 months old he went to Disney Land Paris and spent a week with Cinderella! (In the castle!!) Ate too much chocolate with Cinders (in bed - I'd guess) and had a cutie baby named Oggie.

And my Dragon Tattoo is exactly a year old.
Happy First Birthday Charlie.

 She was born a year ago today at 11am approx.  I still love her.  She isn't teething or digging in her claws anymore and can't wait for a nice treat later tonight.  (Red Bull Vodka).

Keeping Charlie nice and warm.  I had to cover her when I was making her little birthday card.

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