20 January 2010

Card Class

These are the five cards that we made yesterday at class. I think I got about 4 completely finished at class. It was an intensive class! with some new techniques learnt.
This is the card that I finished at home. The stamped sentiment was done in class. There is half a rub on of a daisy on the green card and a rub on on the yellow flower.
I actually forgot my rub on tool (and every card needed a rub on!) but I was okay. I realised that the end of a pair of Fiskars scissors worked okay with rub ons.
The rub on sentiment was put on the patterned paper, then run upside down through a Xyron (sticker maker) and stuck to a microscope slide.

I love this card! It's the second one we made. There is suppost to be a bow in matching green/white ribbon but I didn't have the right glue, and I haven't got round to fixing it.
This was the first card we made. The sentiment is below a microscope slide, same as above.

All these great cards were made from $15USD worth of supplies, and still got lots of bits left over to play with!

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