13 August 2009

What I've Done Today... So Far

My brother took these photographs before he left for the traveling around the world thing, so they are the most recent ones I have of my dad and the house/garden I grew up in.

I printed these out and they've been sitting on my desk for about a week. I knew what feeling I wanted to get with this layout but I wasn't sure just how to get it.

The feeling I wanted was of a warm sunny garden... a little vintage... I'm still not sure how to describe it.

I used one stamp over, hand cut some flowers from a sheet of American Craft paper and added some hidden journalling. Once everything was done, the hardest thing was coming up with a title.

I knew which alphabet letters I wanted to use, and as soon i pulled out the letters for "dad" I knew to use "garden". And hand write "and his".

I think the one thing I will always remember about my Dad is that he was always in the garden. Or buying some new pots/seeds/peat.... anyway I really like this layout.

This morning I actually got round to organizing my cards. It was nice and sunny, so I took all the boxes in front of the big lounge window and tried to come up with some organized order. All cards are in groups in big plastic baggies.

And now, instead of a draw in a plastic storage unit and two shoe boxes, these cards now fit in a draw of my plastic storage unit and the supplies and tags (which can easily get lost) are in a shoe box.

To make space for all the cards I will be making, I think I need to clear out my scraps draw.

I've been busy busy busy today.... what have you done?

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