18 August 2009

NZ Themed Cards

On Saturday we went to a free class to make these three NZ themed cards. It was only 90 mins long, but so fun!

This was the first card. The folds are slightly different than from a normal tent fold card. The circle holding the paua shell koru (the swirly shape) is on a piece of circle chipboard, and acts as holding the card closed. The 'Thinking of You' shape is matted on a piece of green card and a piece of the black card.

The koru (swirly shape) is the left over from the card above. There are seven layers on this card. Black card, teal double sided card, fern patterned paper, flax patterned paper, a chipboard square, shiny metalic blue paper (which is also the envelope) and a paua shell koru shape.

I cut the fern patterned paper the wrong size on this. I cut it square instead of rectangle. But it worked out fine, because the dark teal card covers the rest of the card, with two pieces of ribbon. The simple decorations are circle flax paper and three small paua shell pieces.

I will be back later to edit this post. Can't think of anything interesting to write right now.
Not sure if I should list these cards in my shop or hoard, I mean keep them for myself...

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