4 August 2009


I purchased this collage sheet from piddix. I love all these collage sheets and it is so difficult to just pick a few and not to buy the whole lot!

I had to go to the dentist today, so that took an hour out of my craft time. I made sure to get a couple wonderful Christmas card sets made.

I would love to get everyone in the world sending handmade Christmas cards this year. Do you think that would ever actually happen?

And this is Flipper the Cuttlebug, or Flip for short. Another great new toy.

It cuts out shapes and embosses papers, thin metal, ribbon and a bunch of other stuff. My mom and I are going to a class at our LSS in a couple weeks to learn all the things you can do with this.

Those are photographs that my brother took of my dads house/garden. I love how overgrown the whole place is. (I haven't seen it in maybe five years, and things still look pretty much the same).

With the craft goodies, that arrived today, came this mini clear heart album. I am still trying to decide what photographs to use on it....

Tomorrow you should be able to see those Christmas Card sets, and more listed at PnkGeeni, where we are still celebrating the First Birthday with a B1G1Free offer.

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