24 July 2009

Weekend Window Shopping @ 1CardCreator

This weekends feature comes from 1CardCreator.

I love making cards and the reason I decided to sell them quite honestly is to have a reason to make them. I can only make so many cards for family and friends.

Although many of the customers I have made cards for feel like my friends now.

I love to customize my cards by putting the names of the recipients on them, like on my wedding cards. I will soon begin designing cards as part of the design team at DieCutsRUs web store.

Along with card making I enjoy cooking and I also collect and read antique cookbooks.

I also enjoy sharing my cardmaking tips with instructions and tutorials on my blog at 1CardCreator.blogspot.com.


1CardCreator said...

Thank you so much for featuring my cards, you did such a lovely job posting them. I really do appreciate the support.~hugs~ Diane

Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Jeni, these new cards are fabulous! I especially love the flower birthday card!!! Well done as always, Sharon
Also, I just adore the butterfly card!!