20 July 2009

SENZ Afterwards...

My mom make this stamp and glitter card. The glitter is so gorgeous!

From a cuttlebug. The blue paper is a new emboss design from Cuttlebugs and the butterfly is from a Spellbinders. My mom cut these out.

My mom's first time making an ATC. I love the picture and words she choose for this.

And this is mine. The blue mesh is magic mesh meaning it is self adhesive. I love the picture of the girl and the contrast between blue and purple.

Both the ATCs together. We were sitting right next to each other making these. Using the same supplies. I love how different they are. I had to include the postage stamp in mine. And I know that ATC's should be exactly the right size - with nothing hanging over, but since this is just for me I like that the "I went to Create at SENZ09" tag is slightly over the edge.

There are a few dozen thousand ideas floating around in my head. I don't think there is enough time in the world to get them all done. I have a nice new selection of papers, a few more stamps and some white flowers (which were cheaper because the tub is broken).

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